Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Dire Omen

During hard times, Billboard favorites lean toward the maudlin, according to Professor Terry F. Pettijohn II:

Looking at Billboard No.1 songs from 1955 to 2003 for a study to be published in the journal Psychology of Music, Dr. Pettijohn found that in uncertain times, people tend to prefer songs that are longer, slower, with more meaningful themes.

"It's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water,' and 'That's What Friends Are For,' " he said. "In better times, it's more likely to be faster, upbeat songs like 'At the Hop' or 'My Sharona.' "

This is just one more reason for us to get this economy on its feet. How many of us want to hear Feelings, or that Bobby Goldsboro gem Honey? Do we really need another comeback for Frankie Avalon? Do we really want our children to suffer through another Along Comes Mary? Does anyone actually understand that song anyway?

It's time to get our house in order, America. Someone has to stand up and say we've had all we can stands, and we can't stands no more.

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