Sunday, September 14, 2008

TheTruth about Taxes

Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin have been saying that Obama Barack wants to raise taxes for average Americans. It appears they're lying again. The Washington Post ran this graphic (click to enlarge) showing what would happen under each candidate's plan.

Note that substantial tax increases do not kick in under Obama's plan until you get into the 600K range, which shouldn't affect a large number of schoolteachers (unless those charters are really paying better than I thought).

Note that Mr. McCain's largest tax breaks are for those who least need them, while Obama's are targeted toward those who need them most. Mr. McCain, who voted 19 times against minimum wage increases, does not seem to think people living hand to mouth need his help at all.

This is a good thing, because Mr. McCain is highly unlikely to help working people in any way whatsoever. It looks like Obama may offer us a little break, and it's high time we got one.

Which plan looks better to you?

Update: If you make over 200K, don't rejoice over McCain's plan just yet--he wants to tax your health benefits.
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