Saturday, September 27, 2008

Socialism (for the Needy)

I commented on this the other day, but I'm still amazed that this gets no play whatsoever in MSM. Whatever you may feel about socialism, in other countries it provides health care, college education, and care for senior citizens (while working Americans mortgage their homes to send their kids to college and go bankrupt due to catastrophic medical emergencies).

Here, socialism is used to bail out companies who gamble with other people's money. I get the feeling our country is of the corporation, for the corporation, and by the corporation.

It's unconscionable.

The process of privatizing profits and socializing losses is simply insane. Even if Canada's health care is as bad as its opponents say (which I don't believe), we could provide something much better than the nothing we now offer our citizens if we'd stop spending billions on pointless war and bailing out those who deserve nothing more than the failure they've so richly worked for.

Last night's debate was impressive in that it was not simply the dueling soundbites we've come to expect from presidential debates. Most notable was Mr. McCain railing against earmarks, which he said constituted up to 18 billion. Mr. McCain condemned Obama for accepting almost a billion in earmarks for his state before renouncing them a year ago.

When Obama said Mr. McCain's tax plan called for 300 billion in tax cuts for those who need them least, Maverick Johny pointedly ignored him (In fact, he wouldn't even look at him). Clearly the policy of enriching the rich and providing nothing whatsoever for the disappearing middle class (let alone the poor) would continue under a McCain administration.

It's time for a change, and that certainly doesn't entail a GOP executive plainly touting more of the same.
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