Friday, September 12, 2008


Via Andrew Sullivan, here is a montage of the lies McCain and his campaign apparatus have spewed against Senator Obama:

But McCain isn't just lying about Senator Obama - he's also lying about his VP pick, Sarah Palin. Today on The View, for instance:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Friday running mate Sarah Palin has never asked for money for lawmakers' pet projects as Alaska governor when in fact she has sought nearly $200 million in earmarks this year.

The Arizona senator said the GOP vice presidential nominee would be good for the country because she would reform government, and specifically cited curbing federal spending for earmarks.

When pressed about Palin's record of requesting and accepting such money for Alaska, McCain ignored the record and said: "Not as governor she didn't."

Jake Tapper of ABC News lists the $200 million in earmarks she has sought and writes the following:

Will you please stop telling the American people that she never asked for or received any pork barrel projects?

Andrew Sullivan wonders if McCain is deliberately and knowingly lying or hasn't been briefed by his staff and is repeating what he thinks is truth.

But today on The View, Joy Behar and Barbara Walters confronted McCain with some of the lies he and his minions have spewed in the past few weeks (the lipstick on a pig lie and the Obama wants to teach sex ed to kids lie) and McCain didn't blink as he said that his accusations are not lies and regardless this is a tough campaign so, you know, what can you do...

Watch the tape of this. You can see it in his eyes as he defends himself - he knows he's full of s&*t but he doesn't care. He just wants to win, truth and honor be damned.

What a disgusting, dishonest, dishonorable piece of pathology Senator McCain is. Whatever it takes to win, that's all he is about. McCain First/Party Second - Country Last. That's Senator's McCain's campaign theme.

It is time for the mainstream media to tell the truth about McCain - he is a pathological liar and his campaign is the most dishonest in history.

And given the Bush/Cheney 2000 and 2004 campaigns, that's saying something.
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