Monday, September 01, 2008

Ms. Palin Clarifies Her Opposition to Fiscal Waste

GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin proudly told the world:

"I told Congress, thanks but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere,"

Perhaps she simply forgot that she had campaigned in 2006 promising to build the bridge. And perhaps when she wore a Pat Buchanan button at a Pat Buchanan rally, she didn't mean to imply that she supported Pat Buchanan. Perhaps when she said she supported creation science being taught in schools. she had simply forgotten that she did not support creation science taught in schools.

Perhaps Ms. Palin simply forgot to tell us that her "Thanks but no thanks," didn't preclude her from taking an equivalent amount of federal funds--or that her "no thanks" did not preclude her from spending quite a bit on the bridge she was for before she was against:

In fact, the Palin administration has spent "tens of millions of dollars" in federal funds to start building a road on Gravina Island that is supposed to link up to the yet-to-be-built bridge, Weinstein said.

"She said 'thanks but no thanks,' but they kept the money," said Elerding about her applause line.

Doesn't it make you wonder what else Ms. Palin may forget? Might she one day start a war and then say, ya know, goshdarn it, I didn't really want to start a war?

Is that far-fetched? Didn't the Bush administration spend an awful lot of time telling us we needed to get into Iraq in order to counter the WMDs they never found? Aren't we spending three billion a week on this endless war while working Americans lose their jobs, their homes, and their pensions?

And if there are folks out there who don't care for what's being said about Ms. Palin, well, it's not really about Ms. Palin. It's about John McCain, who, having met her once, selected her and let her get vetted on the internet. Apparently Maverick Johny, shooting from the hip, couldn't be bothered.

America, up to its neck in debt incurred by GW's war and tax cuts, simply can't afford to shoot from the hip anymore.

Illustration via Andrew Sullivan
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