Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ms. Palin Doesn't Meet the Press...

...for two weeks, apparently, while this excellent VP candidate is taught what to say. Or something. Or perhaps she knows what to say. Maybe she just has to say it a different way. I mean, there are different ways to pronounce community organizer, and you can't just heap the scorn in the same tone every time.

Anyway, she certainly read the speech they wrote for her and who could ask for more? Still, that nasty sexist liberal press wants to ask her questions she hasn't even heard before? What's up with that?

And who the hell are these communities, to get organized? Thank goodness John McCain is running for President. He voted against raising the minimum wage 19 times, and he and Ms. Palin will keep those nasty working people from having too much power:

McCain Voted Against the Employee Free Choice Act but for a National ‘Right to Work’ for Less Law. McCain voted against the Employee Free Choice Act, which would level the playing field for workers trying to form unions. He voted for a national “right to work” for less law that would attempt to eliminate unions altogether. (H.R. 800, Vote 227, 6/26/07; S. 1788 Vote 188, 7/10/96)

McCain Crossed a Writers Guild Picket Line to Appear on ‘The Tonight Show.’ McCain crossed the picket line of the Writers Guild of America to appear on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” (Think Progress, accessed 2/27/08)

McCain Voted to Allow Employers to Hire Permanent Replacements During a Strike. McCain voted against ending debate on a bill that would bar employers from hiring permanent replacements for striking workers. (S. 55, Vote 189, 7/13/94)

Against Giving Firefighters and Police a Voice on the Job. Firefighters and police risk their lives every day to protect the public, yet McCain voted to deny them the right to discuss workplace issues with their employer in 2001 and skipped a vote on the issue in 2008. (H.R. 3061, Vote 323, 11/6/01; S. 2123, 10/1/07; H.R. 980, Vote 126, 5/13/08)

McCain Voted Against Collective Bargaining Rights for TSA Screeners. McCain voted against a measure to grant Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport screeners limited collective bargaining rights. The measure would not have allowed them to strike or negotiate for higher pay. (S. 4, Vote 64, 3/7/07)

Depend on this: Sarah Palin will be ready on day one to help Senator McCain make sure those nasty communities don't get organized, don't join unions, don't get collective bargaining, don't have job protection, don't get health care, and don't get child care either. She'll show this "nation of whiners" what's what. And she, whose job entails being ready, is absolutely ready. She's chomping at the bit. She can't wait for someone to call her at 2 AM.

Except not for two weeks.

Meanwhile, for some reason, Joe Biden is ready right now:

Update: from Andrew Sullivan :

If McCain picked her, he must believe she can be president now. If she can be president now, why the hell can't she hold a press conference?

And there's more:

Ferraro was being interviewed within four days of being announced. Dan Quayle gave an interview one day after being selected.

We are now on Day Nine for Palin and are told to expect another thirteen before she's ready.

This is a pitbull with lipstick? More like a cowering chihuahua.

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