Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mr. McCain's First Change

A lot of people, naturally, are skeptical of John McCain's newfound mantra that he'll change the way things are done in Washington. After all, while it's true he once opposed Bush's tax cuts for those who least need them, he now wants to make them permanent. And while he publicly distances himself from GW, he endorses his ruinous foreign and economic policies.

Certainly there's no denying his campaign consists of the same smears, lies, and distortions that helped bring us eight years of Bush/ Cheney (even if Mr. McCain's lies are more easily disproved).

Still, this cycle will be different, particularly in respect to the traditional rigging of the votes. I mean, you can't just wait around for elderly Jewish women to vote for Pat Buchanan, and he's not even on the ballot this year. Worse, Ohio now seems to have a Democratic governor, and it's going to be tougher to make those Democrats stand 10 hours in the rain. In fact, even though fundamentalists prayed it would rain on Obama's nomination, not even that worked out this year.

But Mr. McCain has a plan. He's printed voter registration forms with an unnecessary extra box to fill out stating the applicant is a qualified voter. And guess what? If that box is not checked, as was the case on one-third of the forms, the applicants are declared ineligible to vote.

It appears that Ohio may have to notify those who've been disqualified, but I gotta wonder--since they applied for absentee ballots, doesn't that mean there's a good chance they won't be home? In any case, there are certainly new and innovative changes coming from Senator McCain, and I suppose we'll have to give credit where credit is due.

Update: The GOP in Michigan knows that people who lose homes are probably not fans of this economy. So they're making sure newly homeless Americans can't vote.
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