Monday, September 08, 2008

Buen idea

This week's official NYC Educator film recommendation is Casi Casi, which concerns the intrigue of a student council election. Hopelessly lovesick Emilio, pictured here, is determined to lose so as to impress the young woman who opposes him. It's the first film I've ever seen about high schools in which the actors actually appear to be teenagers.

The camera work is clever, and the actors are great--really funny and really expressive.

Aside from the film, though, I noticed that all the students wear shirts like the one pictured here. Honestly, what would be so bad about having kids wear uniforms like this? They're simple, they'd help us to identify intruders, and they look comfortable. We could require kids to wear similar polo shirts, and perhaps offer a long sleeve version for cold weather. Why should charters be able to require uniforms but not us? We could sell them at cost and help families who couldn't afford them.

It appeared the uniform entailed only that shirt and dark pants. I like the idea. What about you?
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