Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Work?

It's not necessary anymore. Beginning August 12th, you can get "Imagine Teacher" and simply do the job on your Nintendo DS. No more crazy administrators, no more op-eds proclaiming you are the scum of the earth, no more nasty personal issues to resolve, and no more hunting down phone numbers of your students' families.

Or maybe it's not so easy after all. The notes say, "The game really begins when you meet some characters who don't want you to succeed. "

Anyway, just turn on your little game and there you are.

What more could you ask?

I'm gonna imagine reasonable class sizes, a classroom with windows, enough space in it to actually fit my students, and a school that's not crammed to over double capacity.

What are you gonna imagine?

Play as a rookie teacher who takes over a class in a newly built modern school. At the beginning your class only has a few kids because most of the kids in town are used to going to a school located in the next town over. It is your job to bring those students back to make your classroom and school the best place to learn. The game really begins when you meet some characters who don't want you to succeed.

Key Features

  • Increase your students' knowledge via fun mini games-Teach them writing, science (math & biology), culture (geography & history). Develop their artistic skills like music, drawing, and pottery. Celebrate events including birthdays and the end of the year party.
  • Help your students find their true vocation
  • Pay attention to your students' behaviors to manage their mood and create the best learning atmosphere-All kids have their own personalities and favorite subjects. Create a seating chart in the classroom to prevent them from chatting, being a distraction or fooling around.
  • Create the school of your dreams-Buy or collect new items to upgrade your classroom and school
  • Interact with many different characters-Not only do you take care of your students, but talk to their parents and school staff.
  • Multiplayer-Connect up to 4 DS a single card allowing you and your friends to play mini-games.

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