Monday, July 14, 2008

Office Politics

Mr. Greenberg was writing a lesson plan in his department office. Ms. Languageteacher walked in and instructed him to get up.

"That my chair," she informed him.

Mr. Greenberg looked down. "I didn't see your name on it."

"No say nothing," she said. "That my chair."

"You're breaking my heart," he replied, "but I'm not moving."

This comment was not to her liking. "What you mean, I breaking your heart?"

"I mean I'm not moving," he replied.

Now Ms. Languageteacher was angry. And she began to express her anger for 10-15 minutes, in front of a dozen teachers. Failing to get a rise out of him, she decided to unleash one of the sophisticated vocabulary words she had learned from the book she used to teach her class English.

"You know what you problem is? You are a capricious, that you problem."

Mr. Greenberg sat and continued writing, or at least pretended to. For Ms. Languageteacher, this was intolerable. Finally she really let him have it.

"You are a JEWISH!" she proclaimed. "You are a JEWISH!"

Mr. Greenberg was not all that surprised. He had known for a long time that he was a Jewish. At this point, though, he felt he had listened to Ms. Languageteacher long enough. He got out of the coveted chair, left the office, and reported Ms. Languageteacher to the guy who was supposed to deal with racial discrimination in the building.

Ms. Languageteacher stayed in the office screaming for another 20 minutes.
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