Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maverick Johny

Well, Ol' John McCain loves our men and women in uniform. That's why he took a position against the GI Bill, and that's why he didn't vote for it. That's why he voted against Webb's call for adequate time between deployment, and that's why he voted against 20 million for the VA. That's why he didn't want to fund safety equipment for the troops he so passionately supports.

He's passionate about our troops, but consistently votes against their interests. If you're a teacher, or anyone who needs to work for a living, you can count on him voting against your interests as well. What else does Mr. McCain stand for? Well, it's tough to say, as he seems to tailor his positions toward whatever he thinks will get him elected on that particular day:

But the media adores him nonetheless. No matter how many of his previous firebrand positions he tosses in the trash, they yammer about what a "maverick" he is. Don't any of these journalists bother to follow the news?

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