Monday, July 07, 2008

The Letter

Dear GHI/HIP subscriber:

As you know, GHI and HIP have merged. Therefore, we're delighted to be able to offer you the benefits of both companies. GHI subscribers will now be able to visit HIP doctors and hospitals with no copay, and HIP subscribers will now have access to the GHI network of providers if they wish to pay the copays.

Did you receive that letter? Me neither. That's because this merger was not done to benefit subscribers. It's the precursor to a "for-profit" status, or privatizing your health care. The benefits of privatization consist primarily of an IPO. This may bring cash to the UFT, which now has to squeak by on as little as 80 million a year. Heartbreaking though that may be, if your heart were to break, literally, you'd need to get it fixed on even less.

GHI/HIP privatization is the single most unconscionable and witless venture Ms. Weingarten and her merry patronage mill have ever embarked upon. It's bound to hurt union members and their families if no one stops them. Check Save Our Health Care on a regular basis. Find out the status of the privatization grab, and find out where demonstrations will be held this Saturday, July 12th.
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