Thursday, July 03, 2008

The L-Word

Not what you think - the "L-word" stands for landslide.

As in the landslide Republicans are fighting against this year, at least according to Andrew Sullivan.

Obama ahead in Montana by 5? Sheesh - no wonder John McCain looks so mad.

More people self-identify as Democrats these days (41% of the electorate) than Republicans (31%.) Sheesh - sure wasn't that way back in 2000 or 2004.

Hispanic voters, a crucial part of the electorate in swing states like New Mexico, back Obama 59% to 29% for McCain. Sheesh - so much for that Hillary Clinton/GOP meme that Hispanics won't vote for Obama.

Intrade political futures, the website for the serious gambler and/or person with a serious gambling addiction, has the odds of Obama winning the election at 64%, McCain at 30%. Sheesh - didn't look that way for John Kerry in 2004 ever.

A USA Today/Gallup poll says most people see John McCain as too much like President Bush. Given that President Bush enjoys 23-30% approval ratings in every poll you can find, that doesn't sound like a good thing for Senator McCain.

Hell, McCain's only up by 15 points in Alabama of all places. McCain enjoyed a 30 point lead not all that long ago in that ruby reddest of ruby red states.

With the amount of money Obama is going to be able to raise over McCain, McCain is going to have a difficult time combating these headwinds. McCain is going to be playing defense in red states, Obama is going to be on offense in those same states. The odds definitely favor Obama and Democrats right now.

This is not to say some GOP Swift Boat campaign won't undercut Obama's lead (or the advantage Dems enjoy in House and Senate races as well - the non-partisan and well-respected Cook Report has Dems scoring a net 4-7 Senate seats and 10-20 House seats.)

This is also not to say that a sudden wonderful resolution to the Iraq war and a sudden turn around in gas prices, inflation, unemployment and the overall economy won't undercut the advantage Dems and Obama enjoy this year (although given the problems with the economy documented here, not likely.)

This is also not to say that a domestic terrorist attack before the election won't change the parameters of the race either (and some might say that given the way McCain campaigners are talking about such a tragedy, they're kinda hoping for one.)

But the way things stand right now, on July 3rd 2008, I can see why Senator John McCain looks so damned pissed off.

He's worried about the L-word.
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