Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In Which I Stand on Principle

I got a call this morning at 7:35 AM asking me to sub at the college in which I work, about 25 miles away from my house. Having stayed at the library until closing time the previous evening, I was asleep. But I woke up ten minutes later and returned the call.

Now, the hourly pay is pretty good, and I'm a mercenary whore, so I tossed on some clothes and subbed for three hours. But I wonder...what on earth was my boss doing in at 7:45 AM? I mean, what's the point of even being boss if you have to be in an hour before classes start?

If I were boss, I'd come in around 11 AM, scream at everyone for 10-15 minutes, and go home. After all, who wants to miss All My Children just because of work? When I pointed that out to my boss, she suggested I not open with it in my next job interview. Fortunately, I have no ambition, and I'll always be a lowly teacher.

But here's what really grinds my gears---after I subbed 3 hours, I found there was actually another three hours to sub, and that the teacher had gotten hold of someone else to do it. There I was, with a perfectly good parking space, ready to whore myself out for another 3 hours, and for what?

It turns out that this other sub was not only a mercenary whore like me, but had also put up a sign in the office offering to whore himself out at any time. I mean sure, I don't have any more integrity than he does, but I don't go around boasting about it. It's one thing to be a mercenary whore, but quite another to place signs in prominent places advertising it.

I have scruples.
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