Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Amaze Your Friends

Where did American Teacher get that cool jargon-filled comment? From the homepage listed right there--the educational jargon generator. Be the first on your block to stun administrators with phrases like:

transform developmentally appropriate assessment


undefined performance-based infrastructures


transition performance-based action-items

or even

cultivate multi-media paradigms.

You'll be the talk of the office as you whiz past their meager comprehension of only the handful of prescribed terms. They'll offer you per-session hours. They'll give you that comp-time position where you can sit in front of a computer and look up the best hotels for weekend getaways.

Maybe they'll even offer you an administrative position. You could be AP, or even principal. I'd say even chancellor, but that office is strictly reserved for non-teachers. After all, who better to run the largest school system in the country than someone with no experience whatsoever?

The important thing is to talk the talk. Anyone can walk the walk, especially if they have the op-ed boards of all the local papers in their pockets.
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