Friday, June 20, 2008

People Will Talk

Mr. Miglio was mad. He hates proctoring, he'd just done two proctoring assignments, and he was just given yet another assignment on a day he thought he had a free period. Plus he had two million exams he had to mark.

He aired his grievances rather freely. Everyone heard.

When he reported for his proctoring assignment, the AP who'd given it to him said, "I hear you're stirring up a mutiny."

Mr. Miglio wasn't receptive. "Who's the rat bastard who told you that?" he asked.

"I'm only kidding around," said the AP, in the conciliatory tone they teach you at AP school.

"Well, I'm not," replied Mr. Miglio. "Who's the rat bastard who told you that?"

The AP was not amused. "Look, I'm just trying to..."

"I don't know what you're trying to do. All I know is some rat bastard reported what I said in the department. Now who was it?"

"I can't deal with this," said the AP. I guess there are some things they don't teach in AP school.

"Fine," said Mr. Miglio, and he walked out.

But he's still wondering who that rat bastard is.
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