Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mr. Klein Ensures His Legacy

According to a DoE press release (Thanks to Norm for posting it) NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has ensured the survival of the large donut machine known as the Leadership Academy by granting it a five-year contract at 10 million bucks a year. As a predictable consequence of Tweed "reforms," the taxpayers will now be picking up the tab.

Ya ever notice schools closing and the DoE explaining it wasn't the principal's fault? Ya notice how they get reassigned to some other place? Those folks are the Leadership Academy principals. All you do is take a 25-year-old who may or may not have a degree, add some indoctrination from Tweed, and voila! You've got a school leader.

Never mind that this particular leader has no notion what it takes to lead a class, having never done so. This leader will not hesitate to tell you how to run your class. And they'll do it the "reform" way, even though Mr. Klein has galloped into the sunset and his beautiful partnership with fellow non-teacher Al Sharpton.

They'll bask in the glow of media acclaim while city kids continue to learn in filthy trailers and unventilated closets with the largest class sizes in the same. Leadership Academy grads will dutifully declare how wonderful it is for years after Mr. Klein's exit. And that's what New York City residents are paying 50 million dollars for.
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