Monday, April 28, 2008

How Much Do Suburban Schools Pay?

You have to wonder, what with frequent UFT claims we've caught up to the suburbs.

A few years back, I wrote a post comparing Nassau salaries to NYC salaries. Nassau teachers get credit for 60 credits beyond the MA, and often for a doctorate as well. With our much-vaunted 5% raise bringing UFT maximum to 100K, I thought it would be a good time to compare salaries as of November 2007 in Nassau. I'm using the measure of 60, not 30 beyond the MA as comparison.

Most of these districts pay a few thousand extra for teachers who have doctorates, so factor that in if you're one of the few and the proud. I think I have the MA plus 60, I'm certain I'm at least close, but I'm sure I'd have it if I were paid, and I'm assuming you would too. For MA plus 30, you can deduct a few thousand from most of these.

Bear in mind that these are only the latest figures I could find, and that they may have gone up by now.

Right now:

NYC 43362-95285

As of May 19th:

NYC 45530-100049

What were teachers earning last November in Nassau? I'll tell you:

Bellmore 49632-108208
Bellmore-Merrick 50842-115864
Bethpage 49018-111529
East Rockaway 50784-110989
Farmingdale 45292-109928
Floral Park 50834-110387
Franklin Square 47312-107757
Great Neck 51801-120632
Herricks 51207-115841
Hicksville 48677-105723
Island Park 53685-123221
Lawrence 47528-117767
Levittown 51579-111745
Locust Valley 52797-119054
Lynbrook 49603-112941
Malverne 52304-112976
Manhasset 53378-119224
Massapequa 50526-115280
North Merrick 47015-116763
North Shore 50115-118861
Oceanside 54797-113785
Plainedge 50956-115916
Port Washington 51449-115760
Seaford 45874-103762
Sewanhaka 50140-107909
Wantagh 49710-113382
West Hempstead 45790-111396
Westbury 47788-110443
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