Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's This Thing For?

I often read Pissed Off Teacher to find out exactly what angers her from day to day. It appears that today, she's upset about a fellow math teacher who knows all the angles but doesn't care to teach them. To tell the truth, I barely understand what she's talking about.

At my school, in the lunchroom, all the teachers talk except for the math teachers, who are furiously drawing triangles. Why do they need to draw all those triangles? Aren't there enough of them already? When will their lust for angles ever be satisfied? If we bought them all three-cornered hats, would they talk to the rest of us? Would they eat?

Sometimes I thank God I don't have to study math any more. Then I come home, my daughter has pictures of 500 triangles, and she asks me to explain them to her. Are those teachers drawing all those triangles just to confound hapless parents like me? Do they go home and chuckle over our ignorance?

Honestly, I don't know how those math folks can do what they do. But if you're one of them, please fess up. What's with this triangle fetish anyway?
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