Sunday, March 23, 2008

Webmaster's Note

There is no need to repost your comment five times. This is particularly true if I happen to have removed it the first time. While the sixth time may be a charm elsewhere, it is not so here.

If you wish to personally insult or libel me, I suggest you apply to write for Edwize. Over there, it's perfectly acceptable to accuse me of making up things I didn't even say. Here, we frown on that sort of thing (Of course, it's still a great honor to pay the salaries of Edwize writers).

If you increase the level of profanity in your posts, or the number of words in caps, it is not very likely to make me think, "Gee, I made a mistake before when I didn't put up that first post."

Finally, you need not be a teacher to post here. However, if you claim to be one and are not, and I actually catch you, you will not be welcome here.

Thank you.
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