Monday, March 03, 2008

UFT Brass Springs to Action

Not wasting a minute, they're on the case. After printing pages and pages of propaganda on Edwize about why it was better for working teachers to have fewer transfer privileges, and why it was best that principals alone decide where teachers can work, after giving away everything but the kitchen sink for less than cost of living, the UFT leadership has come to the defense of an ailing Brooklyn teacher who needs to work closer to home on Staten Island.

Though the teacher, David Irons, requested a medical transfer, the best the good ol' DoE would do was offer him a permanent substitute position. Mr. Irons' misfortunes would certainly not have occurred if Randi Weingarten and her minions had not been so willing to trust in the good graces of Tweed and its Leadership Academy principal corps.

It's pathetic that an experienced working teacher needs a crippling disease to qualify for a transfer. If Ms. Weingarten had half the foresight and vision of the folks on the other side of the bargaining table, we'd never have left this poor teacher in this miserable situation. We'd never have left teachers whose schools had closed as ATRs either.

The patronage employees at Edwize regularly congratulate themselves on the program that's enabled easy transfers for low-paid new teachers. While that may be a good thing, they regularly ignore the plight of ATRs dumped into this pool through no fault of their own. The UFT aristocracy is responsible for all this, and for the very real problems of Mr. Irons as well.

Ms. Weingarten can make a principled argument that Mr. Irons deserves placement, but he wouldn't be in this predicament if it were not for her monumental indifference to the needs of working teachers. Rod Paige's admiration notwithstanding, Ms. Weingarten is plainly incompetent, frets only over the maintenance of her 40-million per annum patronage mill, and merits impeachment, not promotion.
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