Thursday, March 13, 2008

Salary Woes?

Why not do something innovative? I mean, don't you get sick and tired of helping kids fill out college applications? Writing recommendations? After a while, they all get to be a blur. But if you're enterprising, you can simply record those social security numbers, and put them in a safe place. In a few years, the kids will be in college, and soon thereafter, with any luck, they'll be gainfully employed.

That's when you use those numbers to open a credit-card account and buy all those things you've been needing. What about that pinky ring you've always wanted? How about trying one of those $4,300 hookers you've been hearing so much about? What about grabbing that collectible DVD that has season one of the Smurfs? Sure, there are 5 million Smurfs and only one Smurfette, but you won't care, what with your $4,300 hooker and all.

And when you get caught, you'll get to go someplace where you get three squares a day, free health care, and no more bills. What more could you ask?
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