Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ms. Weingarten's Mouthpiece Praises Her Brilliance

Yup. It's libelous Leo Casey, pontificating in Edwize about the great achievements of his patronage mill. They've finally got 25/55 (for some) signed into law, only several years after having promised it.

And to think, all we teachers had to do is cut short our summers, work 3 extra days a year, 10 extra minutes a day, accept a sixth class (that the UFT says is not a class), accept merit pay (that the UFT says is not merit pay), give up any and all possibilities of transfer without a principal's OK, dump hundreds of working teachers into the ATR pool, give up the right to grieve letters in the file, do hall patrol in perpetuity, agree to a reorganization that forces principals to consider salary for potential hires, give up every single benefit we've won since well before I became a teacher, and agree that 55/25 is 55/27 for any and all new teachers.

Ms Weingarten (who is not a socialist), Libelous Leo and all their merry band of patronage employees, on the other hand, made the great sacrifice of keeping UFT HQ open an extra hour now and then so they can continue doing whatever it is they do in there.

And our deal is much better than the one NYSUT is trying to negotiate:
Keep in mind the UFT agreement does not give its members a cost-free 55/25. The optimum benefit (a NYSUT-backed bill that was passed by the Legislature in 2006 and vetoed by Gov. Pataki) would alter Tiers 2, 3 and 4 to 55/25 without any cost to members.

NYSUT will be re-introducing that bill in the upcoming legislative session and lobbying again for its passage.

Yup. It's much better, because we get to pay 1.85% of our salaries until retirement. Also, we only give 55/25 to those already on the job, thus "eating our young," something the highly principled Casey and Weingarten refused to do when they tossed away years of gains for a salary increase that didn't even meet cost of living.

I doubt NYSUT could work out a deal like Ms. Weingarten does. The whole "more work for less pay" thing seems to elude all but the most artful negotiators. If NYSUT gets their deal, with the UFT get a similar deal? Don't bank on it. As in all of their dealings with Ms. Weingarten's patronage mill, the city stands to reap a great profit on our latest giveaway, while a great many new members will have no benefit whatsoever.

Yet another brilliant victory for Rod Page's favorite union leader.

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