Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot Gets It

That's what a headline over at Edwize declared, and since Eliot pointedly failed to enforce the class size demands of CFE, I always wondered what the headline meant. Now I know, and I'm sure we all have to agree that Eliot gets it.

A curious thing, though, is that Eliot pays $4,300 to get it, and a lot of us today wondered what exactly it is you get for that kind of money. No doubt it's something very special that Eliot is getting. Otherwise, why would he need to pay so much for it?

Now a lot of my readers seem to take a dim view of Eliot getting it. In his defense, I have to say that Eliot made sure he got it from New York. Apparently, Eliot even paid the young lady's train fare. Now clearly she'd have poured a good portion of her salary into the local economy, and Eliot has to know this. I mean, a leather thong here, a nurse's outfit there, and pretty soon you have money trickling down to regular people, like teachers.

And for goodness sake, when I watch The Wire, all the drug dealers know to conduct their business on cellphones and throw them away every few weeks. Not Eliot. He uses land lines that can be easily traced, due to his great respect for law enforcement. That's what Eliot does when he gets it.

So, there you have Eliot, pouring money into the local economy and showing great respect for law enforcement. And for all you 55-year-old teachers planning to retire next week, he made it a point to sign that legislation before getting got for getting it (Apologies to you poor newbies who will now pay for 27 years, but that's the way the cookie crumbles).

So let's stop being Gloomy Guses, and look at all the positive things Eliot's got. And while we're at it, let's hope the next governor lowers class sizes, as the CFE lawsuit mandates.

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