Friday, March 21, 2008

Don't Contradict the Teacher

Be glad you're not working in Oregon, because things must be really tough out there. In fact, teacher Shirley Katz thinks the schools are so dangerous that she needs to bring her Glock 9 to work with her. I gotta suppose classroom management goes a lot smoother when you're packing.

Personally, when I know someone's carrying a gun, I tend not to give that person a hard time. And no matter how rambunctious teenagers may be, it's tough for me to imagine them picking fights with gun-toting teachers.

I myself wouldn't carry a gun under any circumstance as I have a constant fear of shooting myself in the foot. Also, I bought several pairs of new shoes this year at a closeout sale, and if I were to shoot holes in them, it would definitely be full-price to replace them.

In any case, sadly for Ms. Katz, the courts have thus far denied her petition. She will, therefore, have to face her students unarmed. I certainly wish her luck in that always challenging endeavor.
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