Friday, February 08, 2008

Mr. Bloomberg Improvises

Mayor Bloomberg has been very busy of late. Apparently a bunch of upstart parents challenged his right to unilaterally devote the bulk of Randall's Island to private schools. This was disconcerting. After all, who knows what's best for private school kids? Certainly a parent of private school kids like Mayor Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg knows that private school kids need good teachers, small classes, and decent facilities, like big parks to run around in.

Why on earth can't his critics just get with the program?

Meanwhile, a bunch of uppity parents in the Bronx are making a big stink just because they don't have a school building. This, after Mayor Bloomberg generously provided their kids with a bunch of trailers to sit in. Sure, they said it would be for two years, and those two years have come and gone, but for goodness sake, don't these people have any patience? Mayor Bloomberg will get around to it when he gets around to it. Sheesh, have these people got any idea how much work it is to decide whether or not to run for President?

Didn't Mayor Bloomberg promise to rid the city of all trailers by 2012? Sure, he's since reneged on that promise, but didn't he promise it? And did one of those parents say thank you? Of course not. Ingrates.

Now it's true that kids in this school have no cafeteria, no nurse, no science labs and no gym. But Mayor Bloomberg has generously permitted the girls to go to the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club for gym. Not only that, but he's provided them transportation to get there. Sure, they have to walk back, but he could have just made them walk both ways. The mayor decided one way was enough, and that's just the kind of guy he is.

But still, the parents complain. Some people can't do anything but complain. If these parents are going to continually nitpick, and demand their kids have a school in a building, with facilities normally found in a school, why don't they just send them to the Spence School? After all, that's what Mayor Bloomberg did with his kids.

At the Spence School, class size is 14, and at twenty grand a year, it's a bargain.
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