Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mayor Mike Reaches out to Charters (Neighborhood Schools Need Not Apply)

While my school exceeds 250% capacity, while overcrowding drives my students into trailers and glorified closets, while 75% of high schools in NYC are overcrowded, billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg is setting priorities.

PS 15 in Brooklyn got an A in Mayor Bloomberg's grading system. To reward them, he's dumping a charter school into the building. It's simply unconscionable that this mayor can leave so many regular schools overcrowded while still finding space for charters. While there will be hearings, in this era of mayoral control Chancellor Klein will make the final decision.

Clearly charter schools are more important than community schools to this mayor. As the mayor gradually destroys schools like mine, he shows marked preference for privately-run charters. Perhaps under the guidance of "reformers" like Mayor Mike, neighborhood schools in NYC will become a thing of the past.

Thanks to Schoolgal
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