Sunday, February 24, 2008

Children First

At least they're the first ones to feel Mayor Bloomberg's budget cuts, as he cuts school funding mid-year and closes day-care centers for kids of low-income working parents:

Take the case of Nessa Coulibaly of the Bronx. A working mother, she used to take her 5-year-old to the Lucille Murray Child Development Center in Mott Haven every day until it closed its doors Jan. 14.

"This is very hard for me; I don't know what to do," she said. "If I can't go to work, how can I feed my kids?"

Many of the parents of the other 200 children who also attended Lucille Murray must be asking themselves the same question.

Lucille Murray was the fourth child center closed in the Bronx since 2004, and the 16th to be closed in the city under the Bloomberg administration.

It's remarkable that a mayor with such a history can look himself in the mirror and say he puts children first. But Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who saddles 1.1 million kids with the highest class sizes in the state, who dumps kids into trailers and closets, who shuffles kids from one building to another and claims to have created new schools, has no problem whatsoever.

Perhaps this is how Mayor Bloomberg intends to move these families out of poverty. After all, if the kids stopped lollygagging in day care, perhaps they could go out and get jobs. This could bring in a few dollars for the families, and there's no doubt the city will need lots of people to run those shiny new sports stadiums.

Maybe the children could swab the luxury decks.
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