Friday, November 02, 2007

We Get Letters

As you may have heard, Ms. Randi Weingarten, UFT President, has interrupted her ascension to DC and whatever else it is she does to examine the problems of teachers in rubber rooms. She also has several members of the UFT patronage mill looking into this issue. Here's an account of one instance of her involvement:

I'm sure you know that Randi had a Rubber Room Meeting at 52 Broadway. She had at least 200 RR people show up. After showing up at 5:00PM instead of 4:10PM...,

First of all, it's well known that Ms. Weingarten travels in a chauffeured car paid for through UFT dues. How many times have you told the chauffeur to garage the limo, only to have him drive around the block in an effort to impress his girlfriends? So you can't automatically assume the lateness was her fault. Furthermore, every teacher has had to deal with late students, and as far as I can tell, lateness is never their fault.

...she listed "10 Points" in a Power Point presentation that she was going to address concerning the TRC. Most of them were nebulous. The weasel, of course, did not hand out a copy of any of them to the attendees. What she is a master of however is filibustering. After each comment by a teacher she'd talk as long as possible to change the topic to nonsensical issues or to obfuscate the issue.

Well, let's give credit where credit is due. At least Ms. Weingarten takes the time to ostensibly answer questions. Over at Edwize, her minions simply delete inconvenient comments and pretend they don't exist. So you're ahead of the game right there.

We listened to a lot of horror stories about what principals can do to teachers. One story was about how one administrator was sentenced to 30 years in prison for some sex crime. Nevertheless, this administrators U evaluation of a teacher was used to send a teacher to the rubber room. You can't make this stuff up.

Well, that's not entirely Ms. Weingarten's fault. The creation of the "imperial principal" was made possible not only by the UFT, but by Bloomberg and Klein as well. Ms. Weingarten did not actually write the "reforms." She simply declined to oppose them and accepted them for compensation increases that failed to meet cost of living.

Here at NYC Educator, we endeavor to tell the whole truth, and we certainly hope Ms. Weingarten will appreciate our spirited defense of her actions. That's just the kind of folks we are.
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