Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gobble Gobble

Welcome to the 146th edition of the Carnival of Education. Let's talk turkey:

Holiday Dinner

We'll begin with Elementary History Teacher, who's got a pretty good handle on what Thanksgiving is all about.

Math or multicultural mush? Joanne Jacobs knows what she wants on her plate.

How's about a nice side dish of hot potato parent?

Health Food

At Successful Teaching, they claim showing gratitude can make you live longer. Well, all I can say is thank you. Thank you very much.

Ryan from I Thought a Think asks what role schools should play in public health.

How do you motivate kids to be serious students of English? Over at Throughlines, they have a few suggestions.

Homeschool 2.0 offers some must-read books for teachers.

I'll Take This With a Grain of Salt, Please

Mister Teacher doesn't go for that whole turkey thing. He's partial to monkey, apparently.

Here's an alternative to the traditional turkey dinner--it's something called Daft Doggy.

Woodlass from Under Assault questions her union's leadership.

Ever-vigilant Eduwonkette examines how NYC's Education Department spins the test scores.

Home Cooking

Why are they opting for homeschooling over at Learning at Home? Well, since public schools have already pretty much banned everything, what choice did they have?

What's it like for a homeschooling mom to talk to professional teachers? Dawn will tell you right here.

Sure you can teach. But what about your own kids? Here's a parents' guide to improving your children's education and grades.

Lighter Fare

Don't know a 401K from a 57 Chevy? Miss Cellania tells all you need to know about money.

Miss Brave envisions a teacher reality show. Will it be better than Top Chef?

Stressed out from living on a teacher's salary? Get 2 for the price of one--Have a Gneiss Day offers The Confessions of a Playstation Widow, and throws in a Stress Buster free of charge.

Pissed Off Teacher shares the dubious joys of teaching in a trailer, and has some cute cat photos for no extra charge.

Canned Is Fair (but Fresh Is Better)

Mamacita of Scheiss Weekly says there are no excuses in basketball, but perhaps too many in education.

Here are some SAT test-taking tips you might want to share with your students.

Darren from Right on the Left Coast has a tale of two teachers: one's turkey with dressing and the other's Beefaroni.

Do Giblets Have Heartstrings?

So You Want to Teach offers a touching tale about overcoming adversity.

"I am always amazed—and humbled—when I am privileged to witness parents receive devastating news with grace and dignity," says California Teacher Guy. It's well worth reading the whole story, and you'll find it right here.

Warm and fuzzy though he may be, Right Wing Prof labors under the odd notion that if students wish to pass his class, they actually need to do assignments when they are assigned.

Don't Burn the Questions, Please

Why isn't education "reform" catching on with Democrats? Go right to the top and ask the PREA Prez.

According to Instructivist, When Bill Gates says jump, Chicago's Mayor Daley asks only: How high?

University Diaries tackles that ever-troubling mystery--Where do professors come from?

Uh-oh. When schools ban sugary snacks, are they encouraging students to become illicit candy pushers?

Study here? Or study abroad?

Big Apple Pie

Syntactic Gymnastics
takes a decidedly jaded view of NYC Chancellor Klein's system of grading schools.

Chaz gives us the skinny on just what qualities Mayor Bloomberg seeks in teachers.

Reality-based educator says if we judged Chancellor Klein by the same criteria we used to grade city high schools, he'd receive an "F."

And Diane Ravitch assesses Mayor Bloomberg's progress on the NYC Public School Parents Blog.

Danger, Will Robinson (Blowfish Sashimi)

Uh Oh. EdNotes Online says watch out--they're conducting witch hunts for teachers.

Jon Swift warns not to vote for Hillary--it could kill David Broder.

Can designing the yearbook place your waistline in peril?

Pasteurized Cheese Food Product

At Smartless, they're discussing the myths our teachers taught us.

There's a lobbyist very publicly bashing Texas schools. But Education in Texas says the public is not getting the whole story.

The Education Wonks examine a professional testing company, and give it an F.

Dave Saba gives a well-deserved F to these teachers as well.

Don't Burn the Questions, Part 2

Is it really possible to live without television?

Sharp Brains asks. "Is intelligence innate and fixed?" Hmm...maybe some of those goshdarn administrators will get smart after all.

Should I write that nasty old test, or should I just swipe a bunch of questions from that Barron's review book? Ask Matthew K. Tabor (but don't ask what the "K" stands for).

Going to the Mat asks---what's the gold standard for charter schools?

What if you. Felix, have to pick up Oscar's tuna fish sandwiches just before parent-teacher conferences?

Miracle Whip

The Tempered Radical describes a professional development seminar that was clearly second to none.

D0 you believe in magic? No? Well read this.

Maybe there's an alternative to that ubiquitous Scholastic Book Fair after all.

Hats in the Ring-Ding

Nancy Flanagan from Teacher in a Strange Land asks whether teachers should get involved in politics. Then, she invites you to a Technology Smackdown. You feel lucky, punk?

Maestra T. wonders why presidential hopeful John Edwards couldn't visit her high school instead of this one.

Menus from the Good Old Days

What's it like to be on strike? The Columbus Education Association remembers it well.

Future Daughters share their favorite things about history.

Times are tough. But Jose Vilson remembers when you could buy things for pennies.

Mrs. T. (no relation to Mr. T.) waxes nostalgic about Thanksgivings past.

Exotic Offerings

How do they handle problem kids in England? Find out here.

Batya at Shiloh Musings feels she's teaching less English and more test-taking skills. All the way in Israel they have the same problems we have here.

Now here's something you don't see every day. In NYC there's an awful lot of talk about grading schools. But over at Principled Discovery, they're discussing a proposal to grade parents.

The Baglady discusses how Asian parents influence their children's success.

Dessert Menu

Even with the finest ingredients, the proof's in the pudding.

The Science Goddess weighs mastery and performance.

Eduwonk asks whether educators should be reviewed by their peers.

Hmm...maybe teaching English to newcomers is not so easy after all.

Next weeks carnival will be at Mattamatical Thinking. Submissions are due on 11/27 by 11:59 pm Eastern. Emails to mbardoe (AT) att (dot) net or use this handy form.

Thanks to all who participated in this carnival!

And special thanks to David Bellel for creating the one and only teaching turkey.
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