Saturday, August 25, 2007

What's Important to Mr. Klein?

Well,we know it isn't class size. Class size in NYC is the highest in the area, and money dictates that it stay that way. Keep trotting out "reforms" and reduce size by fractions, and hope Class Size Matters goes away.

And we know it isn't overcrowding. My school's at 250% and growing, and how we can sustain quality is a mystery. Still, if we fail, we can move in academies and charters, and relegate half the staff to wander they system as ATR substitute teachers. We can replace them with eager newbies at half the salary who will work a few years, leave, and never collect a pension. Are they good teachers? What's the dif?

But public relations is another matter altogether. So when there's an online poll, Mr Klein's toadies send an email to DoE employees urging them to give good grades to the chancellor. They urge them to tell their friends.

Because in the education game, perception is 90% of the problem. So what if you're on the third reorganization? No one's gonna bother pointing out this means the first two didn't work.

Just give Uncle Joel an "A." Or be prepared to lose that cushy DoE office and find a real job.

Thanks to Norm
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