Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Carnival of Education Volume 126

Welcome to the Independence Day 2007 edition of the Carnival. As it's a national holiday, we'll begin by promoting Family Values, thank you very much:

Mom and Dad

NYC parent Patrick Sullivan has some harsh words for charter schools.

Miss Malarkey doesn't hesitate to respond when you ask who her cutest student is.

Pissed Off Mom is very upset about after-school program cuts.

Make Math, not War

Darren from Right on the Left Coast suggests teachers may have some significant similarities with military leaders.

Maybe we could recruit teachers from the military. That would help DY/Dan, who wonders where the new math teachers are going to come from.

Pissed Off Teacher lives up to her name, upon discovering her hapless math students were Convicted Without a Trial.

Write Angles examines math, Youtube-style.

Here and There

Quietly Into the Night explains why her son is homeschooled.

Global Citizenship
describes a presentation about "Second Life" in The Magic School Bus.

Chemjerk reports that creationism is not getting much of a forum in the NEA convention this year. For some reason they insist on promoting that goshdarn evolution.

Uh oh. Looks like another KIPP school didn't work out. What to do about those pesky statistics? Apparently, they just took their name off the door, reports Schools Matter in KIPP Cuts and Runs Again.

Los Extranjeros

Over at Why Homeschool, they're worried about the academic decline in the UK.

But wait! Scenes from the Battleground, which actually comes from the UK, says it's time to get back to basics. Maybe there's hope after all.

Me-Ander says forget Rome and come to Shiloh.

The Meaning of Life

Ms. Teacher tells of her grandmother who "strongly felt that religion is not what you say (or tell others to do) rather it is how you as an individual lived your life."


It's big trouble for little kids when budget cuts hit the nurse's office.

Ms. Whatsit freaks me out in no small way with a story of what happens when your lovely children suddenly morph into teenagers.

Dr. Homeslice speaks.

Green Dots in the Big Apple

Eduwonk think it's positive that the UFT is supporting Green Dot Charters.

Norm Scott of Ednotes Online sees it as an attack on public education (and he's not too crazy about school closings either).

And Whitney Tilson, a Vice Chairman of KIPP Academy (among other things), reckons if I'm against it, it must be a good thing.

There and Here

Are we giving students our best or are we out of sync somehow? Leader Talk discusses Misalignment.

Ms. Cornelius wrote a beautiful tribute. To whom, you ask? Find out here. Mamacita says it's perfect.

Scheiss Weekly offers the notion we might be too quick to label kids learning-disabled. Maybe if we gave those kids more interesting things to read, they'd actually be more interested.

Crazy Eights

Graycie had me laughing out loud with her 8 Random Facts.

But wait--here are 8 Random Facts about Happychyck.

Um...some from Frum.

And still more--if you're fixing up your house this summer, don't ask California Teacher Guy for help.

How Do They Do That?

At Se hace camino al andar, Nancy ponders more effective strategies in teaching reading.

But what if you have to, perish forbid, teach teachers? Right Wing Nation has a few amusing, yet essential tips.

Show Me the Money

Bright Minds examines teacher salaries of yesteryear.

The Education Wonks just aren't sure about that NEA budget. Here's why.

New Teachers Corner

Ms. C. contemplates her first year as a teacher. Thoughtful and worth checking out.

Jose Vilson learned not one, but 16 things this year.

Burning Questions

How do you choose a principal? And how often do teachers get to help do so?

What the heck is School 2.0? Ask the Elementary Educator.

Does the world end if you stop blogging? Even if you're in Disneyland?

JD2718 asks: Are there are two education systems in NYC?

What on earth is going on in those St. Louis schools?

And why are women held to a higher standard?

Suggestion Box

Laura Huertero says don't read this. Mentor Texts advise you read this instead.

The Science Goddess says keep on bloggin'.

Friends of Dave advise philanthropists.

Mike Estep says don't fret (even if you're playing the guitar) because talent is overrated.

Don't just toss 'em away! Matthew K. Tabor tells why student evaluations matter.

The End

In conclusion, we offer for your edification and enlightenment a humble update on the renowned and Versatile Mr. V., who, upon failing to procure a summer school position, has finally retired. So there's yet another cause for fireworks.

Next week, the Carnival returns to The Education Wonks. Their Tuesday deadline is 9:00 PM Eastern, 6:00 PM Pacific. Please send contributions to: owlshome [at] earthlink [dot] net, or use this handy form.
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