Saturday, July 14, 2007


The NY Times is once again revealing its bias (and it still isn't nearly liberal enough for me).

Today, it has an article praising English chocolate, and claiming Hershey's tastes "like ear wax." Having never bothered to actually taste earwax, I can't opine on that in particular, but I've adored Hershey's chocolate since I was a kid (You can now even get a fairly credible version of it without sugar, if you're so inclined).

I spent some time in England, and the allure of its cuisine eluded me utterly. I once walked into a coffee shop, asked for a cup of coffee, and evoked riotous laughter on the part of the employees.

"We don't serve coffee at this hour," a somber employee replied.

I perused the sardine-and-peanut-butter sandwiches, and the other available delicacies, and decided their lack of coffee may have been a blessing in disguise. I ate a lot of great Indian food, but the whole warm beer and kidney pud scene was something I was happy to put in my past.

Didn't we evict them over 200 years ago? How dare they question our heritage?

It's un-American, is what it is.
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