Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Something Good

There's now a voice of reason on the NYC Panel on Education Policy, none other than Patrick Sullivan of Class Size Matters, who was appointed by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

Chancellor Klein was perturbed at having to respond to real questions, and Mr. Sullivan appears to be the lone dissenter, for now, on this particular rubber stamp brigade.

He pointed out that Liebman's claim of no-stakes tests had been contradicted by the recent announcement that kids would be paid for acing the tests; Liebman also admitted that schools might choose to count the results of these "no-stakes assessments" in students' grades.

To Klein he pointed out that under the FSF proposal, about half of failing
schools would have had substantial budget cuts if fully implemented-- and instead would see no extra funding at all. He also asked why the funding changes would not undercut the professional status of teachers, encouraging principals to try to get rid of their most experienced staff.

I couldn't agree more. What a shame UFT President Randi Weingarten arranged to halt the downward PR spiral of this administration by supporting the new reorganization and canceling the May 9th rally against it.

Still, it's great to see one of the good guys with a real voice in government for a change.
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