Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Scarlet Letter

They don't cotton to unacceptable attire at the Raub Middle School in Pennsylvania.

That's Jamie Herrera shouldering the consequences, quite literally. Ms. Herrera was made to wear this for having worn a blank sleeveless shirt to school

Principal Regina Finlayson, it turns out, appears to have exceeded her authority in forcing kids to wear this shirt. She was forced to halt the practice.

The district's policy says a student can be removed from class for dress code violations until a change of dress can occur. After three offenses, a student can be suspended. Some principals have plain white T-shirts available so students don't have to go home to change or parents don't have to bring different clothing into school.

But that shirt kind of grabs your attention, doesn't it? And it probably won't fall off, like those goshdarn dunce caps used to.
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