Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mr. Bloomberg and the Leased Schools

As everyone knows, Mayor Mike is an intrepid problem-solver. It's tough to build new schools, what with all those expensive, inconvenient environmental regulations. The solution, obviously, is to lease schools and avoid the regulations entirely. Now sure, that may not work, like when the city converted a dry-cleaning plant into a school. The kids were exposed to toxic fumes, and the public found out about it.

But now, those pencil-pushers in Albany want leased schools to be subject to the same regulations as new constructions. This may mean Mayor Mike will have to go through the time and expense of inspecting, and decontaminating (or at least pretending to decontaminate) new leased school sites. And the fact is, only 31% of new school sites are going to be leased. Jeez, can't these guys look the other way?

Naturally, Mayor Mike is working to have this legislation changed. After all, 69% of kids in new schools are already going to have sites inspected. What do these people want, everything?

Mayor Bloomberg has firmly adopted the policy of children first. First, dump the children anywhere you can. Worry about the consequences later.

Thanks to Norm
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