Monday, June 18, 2007


Those goshdarn inspectors who came from Britain are having quite an effect in their home country. Perhaps that's why Chancellor Klein saw fit to bring them here.

One head teacher committed suicide just two months after quitting because of a critical inspection by Ofsted, the education watchdog.

Another teacher disappeared on the morning she was due to face Government inspectors and was found dead more than 10 months later in parkland.

That sounds like just what we need here, so NYC has spared no expense to ship the inspectors over here and have them check out working teachers. It's a well-established fact that half of new teachers quit because the pay is too high and the work is too easy, so adding extra stress to teachers' day-to-day jobs is a very positive step.

Above you can see the new beta teacher examination Tweed is looking into. On the positive side, there will be no more nasty written questions, and the exam will be entirely oral. A highly placed source in Tweed suggests that anyone who can take 5 hours of testing will have little difficulty getting through 5 years of working for Chancellor Klein.

Thanks to David Bellel
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