Friday, June 15, 2007

The British Have Arrived

Recently, a group of folks from Britain came to inspect New York City schools. Why no one from this country, let alone this city, was up to the task is beyond me.

In any case, one of the inspectors you may have seen was Charlie Lupton. Mr. Lupton has some experience with school inspections, and David Bellel just sent me this report on Mr. Lupton's school. Across the pond, they rate schools 1-4, with 1 being outstanding and 4 being inadequate.

Overall effectiveness of the school? Grade- 4.

The overall effectiveness of the school is inadequate and it provides unsatisfactory value for money.

Achievement and standards Grade- 4

Pupils' achievement is unsatisfactory

Personal development and well being Grade- 2 Congratulations, Mr. L., on giving your students a sense of personal development and well-being.

Teaching and learning Grade- 4

The quality of teaching is unsatisfactory.

Feel free to read the whole thing if you wish. It's odd, though, that Mr. Klein would need to scour the world for someone with such a track record. If he were simply looking for someone with an English accent, I'd have mimicked one for considerably less money.

And if he really wanted to improve schools, he could've tried the whole good teachers/ smaller classes/ decent facilities thing. I guess it's more impressive to follow the longstanding NYC tradition of intergalactic personnel searches.
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