Sunday, May 20, 2007

We're All Crazy

The UFT blog, Edwize, the one I pay for with my union dues, suggests I'm an internet lunatic who just makes up any damn thing to suit my crazy rants. That's because I said people throw tenure away to join Green Dot Schools.

Only I didn't make it up, and I didn't even say it. The LA Times said it. Also, the director of Green Dot Schools, Steve Barr, announced on Eduwonk that teachers "gladly give up tenure" to join Green Dot Schools. The Green Dot website unequivocally states that among its reforms are no tenure and no seniority rights.

According to the UFT blog, Andrew Rotherham (aka Eduwonk) is reprehensible for suggesting the Green Dot model is perfectly sensible. It then goes on to repeatedly suggest the Green Dot model is perfectly sensible.

I posted a response on Edwize last night, which they may or may not publish. I mentioned something about their printing ad hominem nonsense, and they may consider that rude. They have standards. On the other hand, calling real working teachers irresponsible liars for saying things they did not actually say is perfectly acceptable.

Steve Barr says his teachers give up tenure. The UFT blog says they give up nothing.

Maybe I am crazy. Is Mr. Barr crazy too? Is everyone who isn't on the UFT payroll crazy?
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