Friday, May 25, 2007

On Livestock

In my morning class, we were discussing similes, and the book suggested "strong as a bull/ ox. I told the kids "strong as an ox" was more commonly used (One colleague agreed, while another did not. If you have any opinions, I'd love to hear them).

One kid asked, " What's an ox?"

"It's a kind of bull, I think," I replied.

"Are bulls cows?"

"No, Jaehi. Cows are cows. Bulls are bulls."

"How do they have babies then?"

"Well, the cows and bulls get together, and they have babies."

"Why can't the cows just go with other cows?"

"Because the cows can't make babies by themselves."

"Why not?"

"You need a bull. Bulls are boys, and cows are girls."

"Well, what about cowboys?"

"Well, Juan, cowboys are boys. But they don't go out with cows. They go out with girls."

"Well, I saw a movie on cable where the cowboy went with another cowboy."

"Maybe he did, Gloria, but they couldn't make babies either."
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