Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Let There Be Heat

Thus spake NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, according to a message I've received. Air conditioning "season" does not begin until May 29th. It ends on September 21st.

Therefore, it will not be 85 degrees today. And it absolutely may not hit 90 or above until Chancellor Klein OKs it. I agree wholeheartedly with the chancellor that such temperatures will not be in the interests of children.

Because as far as he's concerned, when the mercury goes up, 1.1 million city kids can simply drop dead from heat prostration. That's what they get when nature sees fit to defy Chancellor Klein. (Tweed offices, naturally, are exempt from this fiat. You can't expect them to do their important work under such conditions).

The DoE has only budgeted to provide AC between those dates. It has determined (in its infinite wisdom) that those are the only dates on which it may get hot.

Disregard this edict at your peril. And at your kids' peril too. Because in Chancellor Klein's New York, it's children first.

But first, it's money first.
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