Monday, April 02, 2007

What Possible Motivation Would I Have?

Let's say you have a government program that costs, oh, a billion dollars a year. Let's say it needs to be evaluated. Who are you gonna call?

Well, in the case of the Reading First program, we seem to have hired the company that set it up in the first place. After all, who knows better than they what's going on? Sure, there have been accusations of corruption, but a company wouldn't lie to protect its own interests, would it?

Let's rejoice that cynicism has not infected those who determine what is and is not good for our children. After all, why would we give them all that money in the first place if we didn't trust them?

I'm reminded of the old Hair Club for Men commercial--"Why would I lie to you? I am the president of the company."

Thanks to reality-based educator
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