Thursday, April 12, 2007

Small School Principals Plan Strategy

"How do we deal with those nasty, time-consuming ESL students? I mean, they bring down your test scores, you have to give them three English classes instead of one, and the whole budget is shot by the time you're finished."

"Well, we could just not give them ESL classes. If the state comes snooping around, just make up a phony class and ask the teacher to sign the attendance sheets."

"But what if the teacher refuses?"

" Now this is just one more reason we need to get rid of teacher tenure. How are we going to get teachers to tow the line if we can't threaten them with dismissal?"

"Good point."

"What if we use those "small-group tutoring" sessions and make them classes?"

"Isn't that against the contract?"

"Contract-shmontract. Who's gonna find out? We'll dump it on some new teacher who doesn't know the difference."

"What if someone with experience finds out?"

"What, you hire people with experience? Are you nuts? Get 'em in green, and make sure they quit before they know any better."

"That's the ticket."

"Thank God for that 05 contract."

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