Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mr. Bloomberg Defends Parents

Mayor Mike is deeply, deeply upset that the charter cap has been raised. Though it's what he wanted, it's not how he wanted it. Why wasn't there a clause in the mayoral control agreement giving the mayor what he wants, when he wants it, how he wants it, and as much of it as he wants?

That's what parents want, says Mayor Mike, who's single-handedly halted ballot referendums to lower class size (parents didn't want them, apparently).

There will be 50 more charters here in fun city, but in order to avoid hiring union employees, they will have to keep enrollment below 250 each. I've read elsewhere that they'll have to keep enrollment at this level for the first two years (and then they can avoid unions altogether).

This is a terrible inconvenience for Mayor Mike. Even though the UFT has repeatedly shown itself willing to toss aside the rights of working teachers, and even though it's bought into his "more work for less pay" philosophy, Mayor Mike wants all schools to be able to fire teachers just for the heck of it, no matter how many students they may have. But UFT President Randi Weingarten knows such an arrangement could result in fewer duespayers (and less money, therefore, for patronage).

Still, Mayor Mike is not to be dissuaded. He wants the freedom to offer the best facilities in the cities to billionaires, and right to fire teachers for even mentioning unions to their co-workers.

It's crucial that kids have the freedom to attend charter schools where their teachers can be fired for no reason whatsoever. That way, they can get a fine education, grow up, and get fired from jobs of their own for no reason whatsoever.

That's what parents want, says Mayor Mike.
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