Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mr. Blomberg's Integrity Is Called Into Question

Despite Mayor Mike's personal assurances that contaminated land is good enough for New York City schoolchildren, a group of uppity lawyers is taking him to court, simply because he failed to live up to cleanup recommendations.

The organization claims the city has failed to live up to a deal to adhere to recommendations made by an environmental consultant for the $235 million plan.

Mayor Mike's rep says it's "unconscionable" to object to the current plan, as the city and state say it's good enough for public school kids. Next, they'll be asking them to build schools on Randall's Island. Though Randall's Island doesn't happen to be contaminated, it's earmarked for private school kids. It's a well-known fact that private school kids are more sensitive than public school kids, and more susceptible to contamination.

Furthermore, the deep pockets of their parents can make for longer and more protracted lawsuits.
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