Monday, April 23, 2007

How's About that Day Off?

Today might be a good day to ask your boss for a favor. After all, your AP just got a substantial compensation increase. On top of that, if Uncle Joel thinks they do a swell job, they can pocket a cool 25K above and beyond.

However, they might be a little cranky about that extra 15 minutes a day they agreed to put in. Also, they gave up the practice of bumping themselves into schools, much like the UFT did.

Under the proposed contract, the city will have to help find a position for any assistant principal left without an assignment, and offer a severance package or the opportunity to return to teaching to any assistant principal not offered a post. In addition to the general wage increases, every union member who is active in the school system as of June 27 this year will receive a lump sum payment of $4,000 in August.

Beats the hell out of 750 bucks. More importantly, they haven't given up nearly what UFT President Randi Weingarten presented to Mayor Bloomberg on a silver platter back in 2005. There's no hall patrol for APs. Nor have they agreed to 90 day unpaid suspensions based on unsubstantiated allegations. I see nothing about reforming grievance procedures to the city's advantage, or teaching extra classes.

Here's what my pal reality-based educator says:

I would assume this is a preview of our next crappy contract, minus the bonuses and lump sum payment. Basically 3.2% a year (not even a COLA) and more minutes (if APs are working 8 hours and 15 minutes, teachers can't remain at the 6 hour and 50 minute day, can they?)

A good leader would point out that these terms reflect the last rounds of negotiation, not the coming one. Unfortunately, our leader indulges in givebacks even when contracts are not being negotiated. Ms. Weingarten just agreed to Klein's funding plan, which, despite some cosmetic changes, plainly rewards principals for hiring lower-paid teachers.

I'm told that the New Action folks, before selling their souls for part-time union jobs, used to say, "Randi Weingarten never met a giveback she didn't like."
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