Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Blessed Event?

It's a mixed blessing if you're Heather Zampogna, from Gastonia, NC. Ms. Zampogna was called into her supervisor's office and asked when she was planning to marry the baby's father (who happened to work in the same building). Here's what happens to an unmarried pregnant woman who doesn't produce a timely and satisfactory answer in Gastonia in 2007:
Zampogna...was moved to a tutoring position at another school, where she worked in a trailer without running water or a bathroom. She left in November to teach at a school in Mecklenburg County. Her daughter was born June 30.
The baby's father was not compelled to move, or demoted like Ms. Zampogna, but he did request a transfer. North Carolina is a "right to work" state, so the union, if indeed there is one, is probably toothless, flea-bitten, and using a walker. Ms. Zampogna is pursuing a lawsuit.

Are your marriage plans any business of your employer?
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