Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's Apathy Day!

To celebrate her grand victory, UFT President Randi Weingarten has decreed that tomorrow, April 1st, will hereafter be known as "Apathy Day." Ms. Weingarten is particularly grateful to the overwhelming majority of teachers for not voting.

A grand celebration has not been arranged at UFT headquarters tomorrow, and many famous celebrities will not be appearing. The legendary rock and roll band, The Rolling Stones, will not be there. The original cast from Annie will not be singing the inspiring ballad "Tomorrow." And the Beatles will not be performing "Yesterday" either.

Ms. Weingarten wants to personally assure duespayers that hall patrol will not be repealed, seniority transfers will not reappear, the ATR corps will not be discontinued, the punishment days in August will not be cancelled, mayoral control will not sunset, and Mayor Bloomberg will not give up in his plan to make it even less attractive for principals to hire experienced teachers.

We'd break out the champagne, but the patronage mill drank it all at borough headquarters yesterday. Let's celebrate what made Ms. Weingarten's victory possible.

Let's make tomorrow the best Apathy Day ever!
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