Friday, March 16, 2007

6 to 10 Inches of Snow

That's what we'll be looking at by tomorrow morning. Outside my window right now all I see is rain.

A recent innovation in New York City is the delayed opening. It was initiated by Chancellor Levy, if I recall correctly, and no matter what the weather, it is never, ever used at all. The sole exception was during the transit strike.

I remember, when Saint Rudy was still mayor, driving up the Long Island Expressway one very snowy morning. Cars were crashing to the left of me, cars were crashing to the right of me, and the voice of Saint Rudy himself was coming over the radio, saying don't come to work today unless you absolutely have to. It's terrible out there.

I remembered those words, and posted them on the board as the quote of the day for the intrepid souls who actually showed up that morning.

Drive carefully!
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