Friday, February 02, 2007

Good for What Ails You

Having rejected wasteful frivolities like good teachers and small classes, Mayor Mike is looking for new innovations, like privatization, that won't divert money from important projects, like sports stadiums, giving ball fields to private schools, and constructing public schools on contaminated land.

After all, if you aren't gonna do what works, why not just toss a bunch of balls into the air and see where they fall down? Well, it turns out they've beat Mayor Mike to the punch in Philadelphia. How's that working out?

Philadelphia's groundbreaking privatization experiment with 46 of its worst public schools not only failed to significantly improve academic performance but cost an extra $300 per pupil, a new report said on Thursday.

Hmmm... but surely that wouldn't happen here, would it? Haven't Alvarez and Marshall been doing a heckuva job with that bus reorganization?

The report said the private model offered "no evidence" to show that private management was effective.

"There were no statistically significant effects, positive or negative in reading or math, in any of the four years after takeover," according to the report.

I don't expect that will deter Mayor Mike. When reorganization doesn't work, you reorganize the reorganization. When privatization doesn't work, reprivatize the privatization.

That way, the balls are constantly in the air, and there's no accountability whatsoever.

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